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Creative Commons: Synergy in a Bottle

Ever since I pointed out that I begin many of my blog entries/paragraphs with the word “so” I have been beginning my blog entries with “so, *backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, think: what do I REALLY want to say?*” and then I start writing my entry.  Just a little fun-fact for you.

I am happy to report that school is going well.  I’ve earned extra credit for watching and analyzing Catfish, playing around on a-google-a-day, and proposing additional reading from a great website called Utne Reader.  I’ve earned between 80-100% for my regular work in this class.  It’s going much better now that I’ve got a better instructor.  The first week was ridiculous.

copyright mashed-up and remixed from Copyright Remixed on Vimeo.

At any rate… This week one of our tasks was to watch a video about the evolution of copyright law.  It is a really interesting look at the progression of protection for creative works.  I was happy to see that it ends with a small introduction to the Creative Commons License (which, you may notice, I use for this blog).  Watching the video inspired me to actually update my Creative Commons License to add permissions for derivative work provided that I am credited/cited as a source, that it’s not sold, and that the same sort of creative commons license is applied — For example, if you like my recipe for shrimp, pineapple and bacon, but you think it would taste better with shrimp, pineapple, bacon and honey barbeque–by all means, use my original photos with a link-back to the entry and then post your own photos and talk about your creative idea.

I think it’s really cool when people can work together to build something awesome.  If people didn’t have the ability to build off of one another’s work, where would we be?  We certainly wouldn’t have all those awesome meme’s to waste our time with all day


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