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Broke a Spoke

Is it a bad thing when the subject line of a post is a spoiler for the story?  I think I just like the phrase because it flows well.  When I posted the update on facebook last night I said “bike breaks broke, good thing I’m just a few blocks from home.”

Let me just tell you–Dub Step is not nearly as empowering when you’re *walking.*  Suddenly the crazy patterns and repetitive beats are just mocking your inability to keep up.  I ended up turning the music off entirely and just listened to the critters in the surrounding growth and the traffic whizzing past me on the left.

So, as you can surmise, I rode my bike to work yesterday–an honest-to-goodness commute!  It went really well on the way there– The scariest intersection had no bike path, 2 turn lanes on the right, 2 lanes in the center and 1 turn lane on the left–cyclists have to take one of the center lanes.  As I put my foot down behind a car, waiting for the light to turn green, I just hoped that people could see my neon green and respect that I’m just trying to get to work–without trying to run me off the road.

Work went well but the wind picked up over the course of the day and I had a nasty head-wind to ride into.  That, coupled with the hills was not helping things.  It was already taking me nearly twice as long to get home when I heard a thunk almost at the apex of a hill.  I quickly checked my bundle to make sure that I hadn’t lost any of my stuff, and all seemed well, so I kept going.  MAN it was a hard ride–I just couldn’t get up that hill!!

Finally, when I made it up and began the descent, I had to ride the brakes to maintain a moderate speed… But something was wrong.  They were rubbing unevenly, almost grinding!  I came to a halt and did a brief inspection… The rear tire was locking up even without the brakes compressed.

I couldn’t ride with such an issue, but I didn’t have any tools (or know-how) to fix it on the fly, so I ended up walking the bike home.  And then there’s me… in high-lighter green, with my black pants tucked into my sock (on the right side) lumbering along the side of the road feeling even *more* self-conscious than usual.  Since I had turned off the music, I was able to focus but it turns out that was a bad thing.  My wrist hurt, my back hurt from the previous injury, my knee was torqued (probably from trying to ride a broken bike up hill)… so I was in poor spirits when I got home.

Jeff helped me take a look at my bike and we found the culprit:

So, it’s back to driving to work, at least until I can get a proper tune-up on my bike.  Jeff and I will be heading to Canada this weekend and there’s lots of prep-work to do for that, so it might not get repaired until next week.  I will try not to be a sad panda until then.



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