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TED Talks – Eli Pariser: Beware Online “filter bubbles”

I don’t think that I mentioned it, but school is back in session for the summer. INFS1000 [Aka: Information Literacy and Research Skills] is a required course for my degree, but I am taking it a little out of order. See, last semester, I took ENGL1111 – an English course which primarily involves writing a college-level research paper. INFS1000 teaches you how to do research for a college-level research paper. For some reason, INFS1000 is *not* currently a prerequisite for ENGL1111. I could be bitter and upset that I went in “blind,” or, I can be happy that I passed ENGL1111 with a “B” and hope to skate through INFS1000. I have been horribly dissatisfied with my original instructor and felt lost about what to do about it.  Like any millennial with a problem, I took to Facebook and learned a thing or two:

Cue Panic Mode

After seeing my worst fears confirmed by other students (and the instructor flat out refusing to meet or chat with me) I made the decision to swap instructors.  It’s not yet confirmed by the Dean of admissions, but I am in LOVE with the second instructor that I’ve experienced.  Her syllabus is well organized and she was fully engaged and interactive. She went out of her way to help me get the documentation submitted to transfer to her class, added me to the group already, and has been sending me e-mails of things that are going on in the online classroom until I can gain access to the online classroom from the Dean.  I have given up on my original Professor and fully embraced my new one.  She, unfortunately, is not on, but she would be worth adding just to rave about.

One of the things that I’ve done this week as part of her course material is to review the video that follows.  It’s a TED Talk about something called “Filter Bubbles.”  You know how Google ads and the like are “tailored” to what it thinks you want?  Yeah, that type of customization can have unintended consequence and cause collateral damage.  Check it out, and leave your thoughts below:


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2 thoughts on “TED Talks – Eli Pariser: Beware Online “filter bubbles”

  1. That’s brutal about having a bad professor 😦 It really does impact the learning experience. But also do have to be careful with online rantings because we had an issue where someone printed off a conversation off facebook (who wasn’t even part of the convo) and gave it to an instructor! Horrible.

    1. yeah.. I guess the only saving grace is that the comments that were really nasty were posted by other students and I was showing it to my buddy in a state of panic. The good news is that my new prof is amazing ❤

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