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Strawberry Frosted Miniwheats + Blueberries
16oz coffee, creamer
aka busy food
Probably shouldn't be called salad
Pasta Salad
Mixed Fruit
Late Afternoon Munchies
Pringles 100 Cal Pack and Nutri-grain Bar
Hershey’s Dark Chocolate
This should look familiar
Corn and Shrimp
Misc. Veggies
Finished it before I took the pic. Whoops.
Smirnoff Tropical


This What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) is courtesy of Monday at work–I was tired, stressed, and snacky.  I hadn’t packed a lunch and ended up eating the pasta that my mom offered me.  It tasted alright, but I don’t think that spiral pasta, cut up cheese strings, cut up summer sausage, and Italian dressing should really count as a salad.  Not pictured, I also ate a bread stick and some roasted potatoes.

Lesson (re)Learned:  You make poor food choices when you are tired and stressed.  Get sufficient sleep and find another way to process stress. ❤


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