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New Fitness Center!

Over the weekend I:

– walked in the Heart Walk

– threw a party (where myself, Jeff, my step-dad, his daughter and my friend were the only ones to show up–woo hoo more food for us!)

– received a 45lb kitchen cart in the mail and watched Jeff put it together

– started playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time

– logged a couple hours on Aion

Oh yeah, and I WORKED OUT!

The new gym is pretty awesome for being at an apartment complex.  The old home gym was a rickety treadmill stuffed into a storage locker with a couple of hand weights just for fun.

I started out on the treadmill.  It has been a *long* time since I have had a good work out.  I wanted to be conscious of that, but at the same time, I wanted a sweat-huff-and-puff workout.

One of the cool things is that I was the only one working out.  There are two tv’s and one remote so I got to pick what I wanted to watch.  No compromise 😉  I tried setting it to HGTV, channel 229, but one TV changed to channel 2 (public programming) and the other changed to 29 (fox).  I tried to change it again and I was foiled yet again!  The technology was telling me that I was there to work out, not vege out…

Hint taken, I mashed the buttons on the treadmill and started my cardio workout.  Some beeps and boops and I was gripping the heart rate monitor and off with a steady stride.  The idea of a cardio program on a treadmill is that it lets you set your own pace, say, 3.5 mph, and then it raises the incline until your heart rate meets the desired level.

Well, I don’t know if my heart rate was good or bad, but the incline got up to 13.5% before jabbed the down arrow and reigned it in.  I lasted about 15 minutes and then decided that the treadmill was too intense for me.

I switched to an elliptical for another 15 minutes and enjoyed the view outside almost as much as the view on the TV.  I had found a show on DIY where a guy remodeled a room to be ‘strong and manly’ but ended up looking like a hodge podge of reclaimed (read: garage sale quality) greek artifacts (read: plastercast).  I was done with my cardio and done with TV, so it was off to the free weights!

If you will allow me to admit… I adore working out to Dub Step.  A half hour flew by like mad.  I have been thinking about photographers for the wedding and it kind of solidified for me that photos are for. freaking. EVAR.

In that respect, I knew that I needed to work on my arms like whoa.  I started on the 5-way cable machine and did some “lat” pull downs (I did the pull-downs to the front).  Next, I did tricep kickbacks with a dumbbell.  I used a 15 to do some tricep skull crushers on a bench.  It must have been tricep day…I took it to the mat and did my crunches with a ball.  Out of nowhere, I decided it would be fun to throw the medicine ball into the air as if I were setting a volleyball.. So that was a thing.  After that, I attempted to do some push ups, but those were verreh verreh difficult, even doing them in a modified position.

Arms Workout: 

– Lat Pulldowns

– Tricep Kickbacks

– Skull Crushers

– Crunches w/ a medicine ball

– Medicine ball sets

– push-ups

Lather, rinse, repeat–3x.


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    1. that “Nero” album that was in the screencap is probably one of my most-listened to dub step collections. It keeps popping up and I keep hitting the like button 🙂

      If you try throwing a medicine ball, though, be careful 😦 I think I pulled some muscles in my back.

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