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No More Pencils, No More Books…

…I would say that there would be no more teacher’s dirty looks, but my online instructor has never met me, and my classroom professor is going to be the officiant in my wedding, so there are no dirty looks to be had.

The above is from the final in my Intro to Business class.  This is the type of humour that my professor has demonstrated all semester, and little surprises in the text like this make it easier to keep up and keep reading.  I passed my Intro to Business class with an A.

Since this is my 3rd whack at going to college, I really intended to give it my best shot.  I took one class online (as above) and another in person to try to get a feel of where my learning style is better suited.  I found that I adapt well to either but that the in-person class serves as a reminder that I actually AM in school and that I am not doing this just for funsies.  It also builds better connections with my classmates, and for that, there is no replacement.  When I consider all that went on this semester, what with my bestie moving, my mom moving, my roommates moving, myself moving–and being involved with all of it, plus a full time (if not more so) job, AND school–I am extremely thankful to say that I passed my English course with a B.  It was intense for a while there.

Somewhere through all that, though, I managed to make it to the 100th Entry here at WordPress:

I have really enjoyed getting to use the WordPress tools and blogging to an audience unknown.  Concurrently, I host a blog at  There, I know that I have an audience of about 8-12 people.  I can see exactly who they are and I can read their blogs in turn.  Bloop is in the same genre of websites as WordPress, but the two could not be more different when it comes to content.  Bloop is where I write the personal things, the things that I want to get out or share, but not necessarily with the world.  It’s comfortable.  It’s where I’ve written for neigh on 9 years.

But WordPress… Oh WordPress.  I stumbled upon this gem when Cassie from BackToHerRoots came over here from What I knew was that WordPress made it easy to post entries that included photos.  I hadn’t been able to do that very easily at all either on Spark People or on Bloop.  I am a very visually-driven person, and so to have the ease of the Gallery Tools here on WordPress is awesome.

The content here at WordPress helps me (I hope) to become a better writer too.  Some of my favorite bloggers include Minnesota Transplant, The Ranting Chef, and FamilyHaikus.  There are more that I subscribe to, but these three light up my e-mail inbox and I look forward to reading what they have to write.  I don’t just glaze over it.  That type of excitement over entries makes me want to strive to make *MY* entries ones that are worthwhile as well.  So, hats off to you–you’re in my inspiration.

Along the lines of inspiration and growth, I also wanted to give thanks to BTHR and The Ranting Chef for including awesome food photography.  Although mine will never really be on par because my love is for food (and eating it) and not photography, I try to toggle the settings on my camera phone to at least make my food pictures palatable.  Thanks for the influence.

And thanks to you, the reader, who obligates me to come back again and again.



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