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Ikea For The … Lose?

Ikea is a special place full of glamorous rooms, stylist-perfect and magazine ready–all put together with an allen wrench.  The beauty is that you can take each and every piece of their showcase home if you so choose–right down to the books on the shelves.

“Imagine my joy upon learning we would be going there to purchase the kitchen cart for our new place!”  <– that’s in quotations because you don’t have to imagine it I have anticipated your desire to witness such rapture and have captured it on camera, hence:

JOY TO THE WORLD!  YAY IKEA! (Which I randomly just keyed in as ‘idea’ –coincidence? I. Think. Not!)

So we proceeded into the store and meandered through each of the displays in search of a kitchen cart.  And a spice rack.  And a paper towel holder.

We walked out with a trivet, a frame, and a coaster.  We ooohed and aaahed over the wonderful displays, consulted a few sales folks, ate some Swedish meatballs, and then accepted the fact that we would have to go to Wal*Mart or Target to find the damned kitchen cart and spice rack.  That is not to say that Ikea did not have either of these items–on the contrary, they did! They even had the beloved kitchen cart that our old roommates had…. except it was on back-order and unavailable.  The only spice racks they had hung on the wall and had giant jars so that my spices would go stale before I could possibly use them up.  I did not capture my acute disappointment on camera because I am sure it would bring you to tears.  It was an uber-pout of epic proportions–so much so in fact, that we have yet to wander to either alternative.  Our kitchen still sits in a state of unrest.

The good news, is that I was able to order the spice rack and the paper towel holder online through Amazon and use a fantastic gift card so that there was no out of pocket expense.


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