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Gads: From Japanese Drums to Rammstein

It’s true, folks: This week has been crazy so far.  I have been putting the finishing touches on our apartment and couldn’t be happier–Well, except for a failed trip to Ikea, which you’ll hear about later.  Tonight, Jeff made the Tortellini Garden Vegetable Bake (for two!) and it was just as superb as the first time we made it.

Yesterday at work there was a Japanese Drum Show to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, after that, I had a dentist appointment where I found out that I need a crown (sad day!) Afterwards, Jeff and I saw Avengers (awesome!) and from there, we went straight to the Rammstein Concert.

So, based on this blurb,  you can see that there will be some pretty good posts coming up.  In the mean time, though, I really need to buckle down and study for my business exams.  It is already open as of the 5th and closes on the 11th, so time is a-wasting.  Wish me luck ❤ I will write again soon!

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