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New Grocery Store: Research Pays Off!

Turns out that when you do the research, it pays off!  As you may recall, I posted a few tips about “Optimizing the grocery shopping experience.”  In that entry, I recommended planning ahead, calling ahead, consulting the ad and being flexible.  I put those tips into practice this last week and had a much more successful shopping trip:

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! I walked through the doors on Monday evening, the best day that the grocer said to go shopping.  Lo and behold: the shelves were fully stocked!! Everything I could want! Or need!

Since it was a brand new store, they had what I considered to be an “odd” layout.  Conveniently, they provide store maps right at the front of the door, which I’m sure will help once I actually take the time to consult it.  They also had a variety of other materials available such as the in-store ad, the neighborhood mailer, a nutritional IQ guide, and some bonus coupons.

The Cub Foods that I visited had the first aisle leading to the produce section stocked with the ad items and so I was able to check off a few items from my list before ever getting very far into the store.

I had an easy time finding the produce, meat and diary, but I had a harder time finding the other pantry staples.  They have more than one row of aisles and you cannot see what is in the second row from the first.  I think this is where the map will come in handy.  I made more than one zig-zag across the store as I sought out coffee filters, toothpaste, and garbage bags.

Over all, I think I’m going to like my new store.


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