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Easter Sunday..A week later

Last Sunday, I went to my mom’s house to celebrate Easter as well as the birthdays of my sister and our step-dad.  I got there a bit later than my sister and her family because most of my day was spent working on homework. @_@; oi.

We washed and prepped fruits and vegetables while my mom cooked brats and burgers on the grill.  I’m not sure what my step-dad or my sister’s fiance were doing, but I’m sure they were helping out.

Sidewalk Chalk


My niece has grown to be so big!  She nearly comes up to my shoulder and she’s only 7 (next month).  Her allergies were acting up quite fiercely, so she and I spent a lot of the afternoon hanging out.  We started out with tic-tac-toe using sidewalk chalk, once they all started to be cat’s games, she asked I would teach her to play chess.

Making her move

I taught her the basics, like the rules for how the pieces move, and the names of all of them.  She was so proud that later in the evening, she introduced the pieces to her papa – including the “rookerie” (rook) and the “bush” (bishop).

ContemplationI had forgotten about it, but, my brother used to stay after school to play chess pretty frequently.  He challenged Vitaly to a game, and, it’s my understanding that he won both sets.

When Jeff finally got there, we played a couple games together where I was beaten quite soundly.  There’s a part of me that wants to reach out to a chess pro that I go to school with so that I could learn some moves and then challenge Jeff to a re-match 😉

It was a great day to hang out with family-who-are-friends and to play some chess.

Even Pebbles Played

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