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What I’m Digging Wednesday

Fidget toy - mini slinky

Navel Oranges - feels like summer


Motorcycle Weather

And one thing I’m not digging:


I was startled to look up and see this spider on my wall last night.  I found out by searching the interwebz (namely, that this ‘beaut is apparently a “Parson’s Spider.”  Once I read a little bit more about it, it was less er.. scary? Repulsive?  Apparently this little guy hunts by crawling on the ground and overpowering its prey.  What’s more is that its prey is usually other spiders.  The best part is that they do not spin webs to catch their food–so no messy cob webs to deal with. 🙂  I’m glad I didn’t squash him!  Now if only he’ll stay out of sight, out of mind…



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