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Paint it Blue

I see a red door beat-up bookshelf and I want it painted black blue…

Armed with cheetos and an orange soda, I made the decision to paint this reclaimed bookshelf blue.  The roommates and I found it by the dumpster quite a while ago, cleaned it up (as much as we could) and have been using it for almost a year.  Now that it’s time to move, they said I could keep it and I immediately knew that I wanted it blue.

I hiked out to Home Depot and picked up Behr Premium Paint + Primer (in one) and had them tint it a fabulous Navy Blue color. I also picked up a small ‘corner’ roller, a paint brush, paint tray, paint-can-key, and said orange soda.  $37 later, I was ready to start my project!

I used a concentrated eco-friendly cleaner called Simple Green to get any dirt/stains off that I could before I started painting, and then I went to town!

2 coats covered it pretty perfectly… So good, in fact, that I decided to tackle an antique side table next:

Don’t mind the cardboard underneath the furniture… These moving boxes are from when my mom moved a while ago.  My brother works at taco bell, and these boxes were perfect for moving =P Nice n sturdy.  Ahem!  This piece was a little trickier to paint because of all of the details.  I used the brush for all of the woodwork, jabbing it into corners and niches.  The good news is that I was able to use the mini roller for the flat panels and for the top.

Now, by this time, I had quite a bit of paint on me from leaning over to get a spot I missed.. I could’ve/should’ve called it good for the day!  But what did I do?  I found more furniture to paint…

This time, it is a coffee table that I had no intention of painting originally, but the shape of the legs echoes the detail on the side table, so I thought that it made logical sense to pain it blue.  Besides–with pops of color like this, it works best in threes.  Or so I’ve heard…

We moved the furniture back into our current apartment last night, and I’m sure we’re going to love it.  The side table and the coffee table are stowed away until we move, but the book shelf went back against the wall and looks fabulous:

Have you ever went on a whim and painted/refinished furniture? How did it turn out?  What suggestions do you have for other folks?


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