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End of the week: Ramblings of a Sweets Addict

So, this week’s menu was only used for 3 days so far this week.  Jeff and I went to a Happy Hour after work last night and so the Roommates ordered Pizza instead of cooking Italian Chicken.  I think my favorite recipe from the week, so far, has been the Enchiladas.  I loved everything about them, and the recipe made so much that if we repeat it while it’s just Jeff and I, then it would count as batch cooking, lol!  The garden vegetable tortellini was my second favorite, and the amount that that made is more reasonable for a 2-person household.

Now that the recap is out of the way, does anyone know how to beat an “addiction” to sweets?  I watched a short clip (just now) from “Dr.” Oz and some of what he mentioned makes sense, but some of it felt a bit sensationalized.  Hypnosis as the only way to beat emotional eating? There’s GOT to be a better way! (Or at least, a different one).

I think, more than emotional eating, these days, that I am eating out of habit.  Oh, I woke up and it’s morning time–Gotta eat!  It’s my lunch break at 12:30! Time to eat.  I’m home from work, must be time to eat.   And hand-in-hand with that are my snacks.. kind of pre-programmed.  Morning break at work – snack time! Afternoon break at work – Snack time!  I’m done eating dinner – Snack time!  And more often than not these days, snacks are cheetos and hershey’s. =/

This morning I was thinking about a parenting practice back in the day where if you caught your kid smoking, you’d make them smoke the whole entire pack, and they’d get so sick that they’d never touch another pack of cigarettes.  For a moment, I considered eating a whole bag of chocolate just so that I’d never want it again.  The problem with that solution, though, is that I doubt it’ll work.  I already eat chocolate every day, not because it’s so damn good that I can’t put it down, but because it’s now what I am “programmed” to do.

Perhaps the solution, then, is to gradually re-program myself.  Is there a sweet treat that you like that would make a good substitute for chocolate or other sugary foods?  I’m not keen on vegetables, but perhaps if I forced myself to eat more of them my palette could change.

Well, I’ve got school in a couple hours, and some big plans after that, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m just going to have to ponder this subject for a while.


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2 thoughts on “End of the week: Ramblings of a Sweets Addict

  1. To me, chocolate is addictive. I try not to eat it much(maybe on the weekend 1-2 times because I tend to splurge more on the weekends.) The more I eat it, the more I want it.

    As for sweet snacks, what about strawberries sliced with a little low fat/fat free cool whip? Or sprinkled with Splenda. My go-to afternoon snack when I am craving something sweet is a sliced apple with Saigon Cinnamon(much stronger than regular cinnamon).

    OR if you really need chocolate, what about a sugar free pudding cup? The chocolate vanilla swirl is only 2 Points Plus!

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