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Photo Update! – The last few weeks in pictures

Aka: it’s 1:20am and I just e-mailed myself pictures from my phone so I could update y’all on the goings on.  My mom finally got my butt back into the gym this week.  I got 3 solid days of strength training and 2 days of “leisure activities” that count towards my goals.  I work on the 4th floor at work and I have been taking the stairs a lot more of late.  I think that it helps to break up the otherwise sedentary day.

Wow.. 4G is fast.  It’s 1:22 and the photos are already in my e-mail in-box–all 12 high-res files.  Awesome.  Shall we dive in?

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So, if you ever wonder where I went… just refer back to this slide-show.. I expect to stay at least this busy until May.

In the mean time, here are some fabulous photos that my friend Corine and I collaborated on.  My co-worker Sarah made these cupcakes at home, I shot the photos at work with my camera phone and my friend Corine adjusted the color/balance/etc.  Can’t you just taste the buttercream frosting and orange zest??

Orange Cupcake
Orange Cupcake
Orange Filling is Love
Orange Filling is Love


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