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Benefits of a Healthy Workplace

This week launches the start of the “take the stairs” challenge at work.  For each flight of stairs that I take, I get to collect 1 sticker–and you should all know, I LOVE stickers, so I’ll take the stairs just for that.  But no, this challenge is for a broad audience and so stair-takers are issued a sticker per flight.  Once they climb 30 flights of stairs, they can be entered into a drawing for a $25 Target Gift Card.   So far this week, I have climbed 12 flights of stairs.  I need to up my game and take the stairs after lunch too.  They only count when you go -up- not when you go down.  Here are a few factoids as reported by

  • While climbing stairs, you’re burning an average of 10 calories a minute!  That’s 7x more calories a minute than standing in an elevator.
  • A brief session of stair climbing does you more good than walking or running for the same amount of time because you have to work against the force of gravity.
  • According to a study done at Harvard university, if you can fit in 8 flights of stairs a day you could reduce your death rate by 32%.  []

The other fabulous bonus is the Walk Station…They have 3 of these conveniently located. I have recently been nominated to be a Walk Station Coach so that I will be one of the go-to guides on how to use the station.  I’m working out the process to be able to log into that computer and be able to access the computer at your desk.

According to MedicineNet.Com, “A 150-pound man burns 100 calories per mile; a 200-pund man burns 133 calories per mile; and a 250-pound man burns 166 calories per mile. You burn virtually the same number of calories whether you run or walk a mile” – [Medicine Net, 5]

Lastly, gained during an ergonomics evaluation is my trusty Exercise Ball.  It’s a big green ball, which I’m sitting on and therefore not going to photograph.  After about an hour or so, my lower back starts to ache, so I’m convinced that it’s working my back muscles and working on my posture.  That’s about the time I go back to my regular office chair.  I’m also chased back to my office chair if any of my co-workers notice that I can’t sit still on the ball…. too much fun to bounce, I guess lol.

In other news, I still have a research paper to get through, so I apologize for all of the down-time, but there will be more of it.  I update when I can 🙂 Thanks for reading in the mean time!



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