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*cricket, cricket*

Okay, well this week flew by.

Since my last update, I have curbed my stress eating quite a bit.  I’ve curbed my stress a little, too.  So far, this week has been better just by the virtue that it’s halfway over already.  How is it Wednesday so soon?

February was an all-around challenging month and the last couple of days I have woken up thinking that I should just get on the scale and see how bad the damage has been.  I tried to do just that on Monday, but the scale refused to bow to my quest for a reason to mope–It kept ‘zeroing out’ at +5lbs.  Hm. Vengeful thing.

On Friday I have been invited to a beer party at my personal trainer’s house.  I wonder if I can still refer to him as my personal trainer when I have been severely under-utilizing his services?  The warrior dash is racing up to meet me and I am ill prepared.

Money has been my biggest stressor this month.  We put in our deposit for the new apartment and I thought that I had it covered, but apparently I didn’t because I ended up sunk–I couldn’t pay my bills, let alone anything else.  I borrowed $200 from my brother and $100 from Jeff so that I could pay my bills and throw a baby shower for one of my best friends.  A quaint pot-luck turned into a full-blown party with food and decorations provided by yours truly and the co-conspirator.  It was more than I could reasonably afford to do, but it was so much less than what I wanted to do.  She deserves the best, and the most important thing is that she’s happy.  And she was so happy.  There were so many people there that loved and supported her and her new family.  It was really great to see.  Warm fuzzies make it worth the stress/strain.

March promises to be another challenging month financially, but a less stressful one, work-wise.  Hopefully that means that I’ll be able to get back on the fitness fast-track.  Seriously, who cares about reading this life stuff? Booor-ring.  I want to write about food and fitness again 🙂



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