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It’s okay to be angry!

Yesterday,  I was tired, feeling rather run-down (sick) and it felt like my throat/nose was on fire if I breathed too deeply.  When I told Jeff that I was planning to skip my workout, he encouraged me to go anyway saying things like “You’ll feel better once you’re done” and “working out will give you more energy” and “I’m sure your mom is tired too, but look at her! Remember how impressed you were?”

See, the thing is, I ASKED for him to do this for me–to be my back-up for willpower and encouragement, and he usually does a great job at it.  Last night, though, it riled me up and I got irritated.

I was pounding on the treadmill doing my warm-up and Ramon asks how things are and I give a snippy response and a glare.  “One of those days, huh?  What’s going on?”  So I told him how I’m sick and I’m tired and how Jeff just won’t let me have a day off… and railed against the world, practically.  And you know what he said?

It’s okay to be angry. And crabby. You’re in the right place for it.

So I worked out.  I got about 1/2 way through my workout before the fitness center closed and I was already on my way to feeling better.  When I got home, Jeff and I walked to the fitness center nearby and we both did the last half of my workout together.  It was awesome to have him as a work-out buddy and I know that he tried really hard and put in a lot of effort.

I was all smiles when we walked home.


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