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[Well, the blog is late.  I wanted to post this yesterday, but my tablet was not cooperating.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that since it’s late–you get the pic! Yay!]

5:30am comes so much faster when you stay up until 11pm at night… Man oh man was I tired today. But that’s okay. Remember when I mentioned last week that I didn’t get external motivation at my Weight Watcher’s Meeting? Well.. I found some inspiration soon enough. At my mom’s urging, I went to an early morning workout with her on Wednesday. She was in Core class and so I joined her. I watched my mom hold a plank while balancing a 9lb bar in the center of her back. I also watched her do push-ups on an exercise ball. I. could. not. do. the. push-ups! But my mom could. While I have been making excuses and missing workouts, she has been busting her ass in the gym and it was apparent that I have been lapped.

Today’s class was kickboxing. It was my first exposure to it, but I think that I will like it. The cue said to Jab/Jab/Punch but while mom was holding the pad, she told me to get my anger out. So I put some fury behind it. She saw my face change, felt my punches connect harder…”What are you fighting?” That bastard that hit my brother with the truck. That idiot who hit my step-dad’s truck with a plow. People who ruined the lives of people I love.

Her turn. I’m holding the bag and her hits were wimpy. C’mon, get mad! Get it out. What are you fighting?

So we punched and we kicked and we jabbed and we elbowed… and we walked out of there a sweaty, happy, ready-to-face-anything kind of mess.

I am definitely going to go next week too.


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