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Winter Kabobs

So, I realized something today.

I frequently start my sentences with the word “So.”  Also, I like to begin secondary sentences with the word “also.”  Hopefully this pattern is not nearly as annoying as the “like” phenomena of the 90’s or uptalk.

Moving on!  Saturday was fabulous and I need to shout out to Runa for inviting me, and to Kris and Meredith for really making me feel welcome at the Potluck on Saturday.  Fun-fact:  if the people I met on Saturday really become good friends, they will be the only friends I would have currently that did not originate on the internet. HA! Related item: 3/4 of my bride’s maids are internet-friends-turned-real-life-friends–and the 1 who is not? Is my sister.♥

The Weight Watcher’s meeting on Saturday kind of sucked.  I don’t feel like anything was accomplished.  Sure! “Members of the congregation” accomplished something–66 pounds down for the week for our group–but all we did for the whole meeting was clap for other people’s accomplishments.  I received no external motivation to make good choices this week.  Guess it’s up to me to find some boots with straps so I can pull myself up by them.

Oh! That reminds me… Be right back.


Ahem.  Now that I’m back from sending some love over to and doing some things to get signed up with the group, it’s back to business around here!

As a student/bride on a budget, I came to a realization today.  Split Chicken Breasts with Ribs cost less than a dollar per pound.  Boneless skinless chicken breasts cost over $3/lb.  for savings like that, I think I can remove the skin and bone myself thank-you-very-much.  It actually wasn’t hard at all.  I using a paring knife to separate the skin and remove the chicken from the bone.  The “finished” product was better than I buy at the grocery store because I had 2 huge breasts cuts of meat and some smaller bits of rib-meat to work with.

All this meat for just $2.40.  If I were to buy the boneless/skinless breasts that we usually get, the same amount would have come to $8.73.  Lesson learned?

Spend the time, save the money.

It’s about this time of year that I usually get a little stir-crazy and convince myself that winter is going to end very very soon and that summer is just around the corner.  That must be what influenced tonight’s meal: Winter Kabobs.

Winter Kabobs

  • 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (may also use other types of meat such as pork or beef if preferred)
  • Bell Pepper (get a variety of colors, if possible)
  • Onion (I prefer the sweet yellow variety)
  • 1-2 pinches Paula Deen’s “house blend” seasoning [1 cup salt, 1/2 cup pepper, 1/2 cup garlic powder]
  • Cast Iron grilling skillet over medium-high heat, coated with a thin layer of canola oil cooking spray.

Start by chopping up your favorite veggies into 1″ sq pieces.

Funny story: there was supposed to be a green bell pepper included, but I lost it somewhere between the grocery store and my kitchen.  Whoops! 

Next, prep your chicken and cut that into 1″ cubes.

Now, I’m not sure about your skillet, but mine is too small for skewers and so for Winter Kabobs, I just alternated the ingredients as if they were on skewers, making sure that each piece of chicken was flanked by a pepper and onion.  I sprinkled a little bit of the seasonings around the pan and just let them grill up for a while.

Tip: If you are using a cast iron skillet as I am here, be sure to use your exhaust fan and/or crack a window.

While I let these start to cook up, I took the opportunity to unload the dish-washer.  By the time I was done, they were ready to be flipped.  It should only take about 15-20 minutes, but be careful to make sure your meat is cooked through.

Serve hot with a side-salad topped with blueberries and pretend it isn’t freezing outside 🙂


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