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Potluck Day. Theme: Comfort Food

Potluck Day. Theme: Comfort Food

So it was Potluck day at work on Friday.  The theme that was decided on was “Comfort Food.”  Now, seeing as how I am trying to lose weight, that information on its own should have sent me running the other direction and/or calling in sick.   But no, not me!  I have a love/hate relationship with potlucks.  I love them because I get to try new foods and try to wrangle out the recipes for said foods from my tight-lipped co-workers.  On the other hand, I hate potlucks because they present a smorgasbord of opportunities to fall off track.

My personal pickings from the smorgasbord

What a mess, right??  It was a delicious mess, though.  Left to right going in a clock-wise direction you’ve got chili made with what could only be sirloin steak… Reuben Dip (I had never heard of such a thing! IT WAS DELICIOUS!), Cheesy Potatoes (I could take or leave these… I took them, so I ate them, but I would leave them next time.  Pickle Wraps (is this a midwest thing??? Thin-sliced cold-cut (like salami) smeared with cream cheese and wrapped around a dill pickle?  LOVE ’em.  Apparently so did everyone else because when I went back to see if there were more, there were not.  😦  Green grapes and strawberries because I was wanted some semblance of healthy.. right before crashing into the best mousse that I have ever tasted! Nom.  Next was shredded bbq chicken, which was divine, and last, but not least, macaroni (or in this case, ziti) with cheese and THICK-CUT-BACON.  Oh my nom.. delicious. On the side, I had an orange La Croix… my contribution to the potluck.

A lunch as good as that can only end in one thing…. The nom nom video:

Also: Reuben Dip



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