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Super Saturday

Wow, huh?

My Saturday started at 7am.  I got up and headed to Weight Watchers.  I actually made it on time this time, hehe 🙂

I was happy with my weigh-in and I got to celebrate my first 5lbs lost.  Yes, it’s just a blue sticker, but it’s also a round of applause and people who are interested in my journey.  It inspires me to keep going so that I can keep contributing to the success of others too.  Today’s topic was planning for success.  I got a few good tips that I may apply to the next week of grocery shopping.  Plus, I met a couple new people 🙂 maybe I can make some friends..I

After Weight Watchers, I headed to Zumba at Social Dance Studio.  I love love love Jimi’s Saturday class and think it fits in well right in between Weight Watchers and College.


My favorite songs continue to be “We do the cha-cha” and “Hella Decale”

Hehe… Enjoy dancing your butt off for the rest of your day after listening to those songs 🙂

After Zumba I changed real quick and headed out to the college for the first day of my on-campus class.  I have been working all week to get the requirements done to stay enrolled in my online Introduction to Business course, but I hadn’t had to worry about English yet.  After this week, I am SO glad that the start times were staggered.

What I was NOT particularly glad about, though, was that unbeknownst to me, the bookstore was closed so I could not pick up my text book before class as planned. I guess I should have planned better.  I found the classroom at 11am and there were no other people in sight.  I went for a walk and came back and there were a few more people, including this poor guy who was obviously not ready for the day.the first impressions I received about the school and the class:

I took a deep breath and just kept to myself. I tried not to let the question repeat in my head “why am I doing this again?”  Neither did I let the declaration “this is why I dropped

out the last two times!” repeat more than once. Or five times.  Nothing irritates me more than people who pay for a class and then do not show it the respect/integrity that it deserves.  I mean, hello? Are we in highschool still?  This is a professional setting.  Act like it.

The professor was late to the class, which was irksome, but understandable given the hectic week this must have been.  She was really nice and genuinely interested in her

students and their thoughts.  I think that her personality will be what makes me appreciate an in-person class.  Of course, then she let us know that our group assignment is to find resources and make an outline to support a 6-8 page essay on how to dispose of a body.  @_@;; Well, she phrased it as “alternative methods to cremation or burial,” but we found all sorts of grotesque alternatives that are out there.  I believe the words heeby-jeebies would apply… if only I knew how to spell them.

The class went until after 2pm.  I was *starving* when we went to break because I was oh-so-unprepared.  I ended up noshing on vending machine fare for lunch today.  That WW topic was timely.  After today, I will definitely be investing in a lunchbox.

That’s all I have for you, loyal readers.  I am going to go get some shut-eye so that I can head off to the Bridal Expo with my mom and sister tomorrow.  I hope to have some great pictures for you.

If you do Zumba, what is your favorite song?  If you don’t do Zumba, what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done an internet search for?


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  1. Lol I had to explain to a girl what the term “bufu” meant as she had never heard of it. I went to google it and all the search results gave a totally different definition of what bufu is…. Eek! Lol

      1. Not sure haha apparently it has several meanings eh ? I’ve always used/ heard it as ” I’m parked in bufu!” my house is in bufu, etc. meaning far away. The google definition I got was butt fuck. Lol

  2. I’m a little late to this party in response to Zumba since I am newly hooked LOL but this is my fav Zumba song right now :

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