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Chocoholic kind of day…

Dove Dark Chocolate, Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Almonds, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling….

Today is one of those days where Chocolate is my bestest friend giving me hugs when I’m stressed out. 

Of course, when you eat so much chocolate it also gives you heart-burn… so I’m munching on Bell Peppers and had a Dark Cherry Vanilla yogurt before I head off to my work-out.  Technically there are 15 minutes left before I can leave for the day but I am so ready to call this week DONE.  If it’s not one thing it’s been another and I feel like I’ve been chasing the train all week.  My tracking challenge for my food has not been the best… I have only tracked 3 out of 5 days so far.  I am pretty happy with my choices, though.  I feel like I am finally starting to recognize what a healthy serving is.  For example, I thought I would’ve had much more chocolate to write about today, but the honest truth is that I had 2 dark chocolate squares this a.m. and then the 2 pieces just now.  Less than a candy-bar’s worth of chocolate and I feel like I’ve gotten crazy with the cheez-whiz. 

Here’s hoping my awesome Phase 2 Workout helps me get out of this funk and get ready for the weekend 🙂


So, I went to the gym to get my workout in.  The new girl is working in the fitness center tonight and I really really really don’t want to dislike her, but I really really really hate her music.  I couldn’t understand the lyrics to the first song she was playing–I couldn’t hear them through the twang… The 2nd song that came on, though, was very distinctive…

Ain’t about my pistol
Ain’t about my boots
Ain’t about no northern drives
Ain’t about my southern roots
Ain’t about my guitars, ain’t about my big old amps
“It ain’t rained in weeks, but the weather sure feels damp”
Ain’t about excuses or alibis
Ain’t about no cotton fields or cotton picking lies
Ain’t about the races, the crying shame
To the fucking rich man all poor people look the same

Have you ever heard the expression FFS?  It’s along the lines of SNAFU and FUBAR. 

No iPod of my own, no car to go to a different fitness center, no confidence to tell the new girl to turn on the radio, and no way in hell I was going to stay and listen to songs about guns, boots, and cotton (even if it’s twanging about how the song is NOT about guns, boots and cotton.)

I know that lack of music shouldn’t influence my workout, but it really REALLY does.  If you would like to see the science behind it, there’s a wonderful (albeit perhaps outdated) article here.  I cannot get into the groove if the groove is decidedly distracting and makes me just want to go a’hyuk!

One of my online fitness buddies works out to Disney music.  I think it’s hilarious and charming and part of what makes her awesome.  I can’t get into that.  That’s me.  I know that music is going to be an individual decision when it comes to working out and I shouldn’t expect my wants and needs to come before anyone elses… But damnit! This is why I don’t work out when strange people are running the show!  Gimme my LMFAO.

What kind of music do YOU like to listen to?  What is your favorite get-up-and-go song?

Pre-workout, I like Good Charlotte: The Anthem.
During the workout, I like something with a steady beat like Rihanna – Pon De Replay:




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2 thoughts on “Chocoholic kind of day…

  1. HAHAHA that’s me! Don’t worry Megs, I’ll gladly take some LMFAO, Rihanna, or ANY Zumba music over Disney any day!! You are so right though, music makes the workout. Some days I hit up the Disney, some days is all Latin, and some days I want to lift to hardcore heavy metal. It’s all so different, I could never be on someone else’s music schedule!

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