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Another day for crunchy snacks.

To love someone deeply gives you strength.  To be loved by someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

I made an important phone call today.  I called my future Mother-In-Law to get her input on the guest list for mine and Jeff’s wedding.  Our thought while thinking about our wedding is to be surrounded by our closest friends and family where we don’t have to whisper to each other “is that person from my family or yours…?”

When I explained it to my mom, I told her that I’d like to know people’s faces on sight.  I want to be comfortable hugging them.  I don’t want to invite weird consin Charlie* just because he’s family.. (Note: I have a weird cousin Charlie).  My mom understood completely.  When I tried to explain to Jeff’s mom it looked like her feelings were hurt, and that makes me anxious about it.  I am stickin with my 2012 mantra “we will figure it out.”

Since Jeff’s car is still broken down, I missed today’s workout again.  When we couldn’t pick his car up tonight I declared that we would either need to leave early or stay late because I refuse to miss my Friday workout.  At first he was more than willing to go, but now that it’s nearly 11pm and we have yet to go to bed, he’s less willing to get up early. It is unfortunately too late to text my mom, but I may just have to bum a ride home from her tomorrow night since she’s planning to work late.

To get back to food a little bit… I forgot to pack a lunch today but I had a HealthAhead meal from the cafeteria… stuffed green pepper with a side of steamed brussel sprouts.  I used to hate brusel sprouts because mom would buy them from the can and then they would turn into over-cooked brown slime-balls.  I have learned tht if you buy them fresh and do not over-cook them, they can be quite appetizing.  It was such an accomplishment that I posted about it on facebook =P  Go me. I ate mini cabbages.

Tomorrow I may post about my workout, but if it gets too late then I may not write until Saturday.  I definitely want to post about my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday… I am feeling ambitious at the moment and considering going to the 6am WW Meeting so that I can make it to the 9am Zumba before my 11am English class at the college and hanging out with one of my brothers at 2pm. Hmm hmm…


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