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Semi-Home-Made Pizza Night

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Start with one “SINGLE SIZE” pizza and then add fresh toppings like green pepper, mushroom, onion, jalepeño, tomato, bacon etc.  Bake according to directions and enjoy a custom treat for the perfect serving size!

Note: Also can be done with salads…

So yes.  Tonight was make-your-own pizza night.  The roommates invited a mutual friend over to hang out and play games and so Mike picked these individual pizza’s up at the grocery store, 5 for $5.  DEAL!  The sticker says 4 for $5, which is still a good deal, but when he saw that they were discounted even more, he couldn’t resist.  He used the money that he saved on fresh ingredients to dress up the pizza like bell peppers, mushroom etc.   For dinner, we each topped the pizza with a selection of fresh ingredients and baked them up for about 12 minutes each and then enjoyed a helluva good ‘zza. It was fun to have all five of us get hands-on to make our own pizza’s and to see what your friends like on their pizza.  Jeff and Mike went for the bacon and jalepeños, Mike and Kaitlyn went for the Cayenne Pepper and Ranch Dressing for dipping, Gloria and I kept things pretty tame with just the fresh veggies.  I also paired mine with a salad to try to meet my veggie quota for the day. You should definitely try this for your next get together.  It was a lot of fun.

Earlier this afternoon, Jeff and I went apartment hunting.  We have a few things to figure out before April, but it basically boils down to windows and temperature control.  Option A has single-pane windows, wall-mounted A/C and baseboard heaters.  Option B has double-pane windows and central heating and air conditioning.  This is the biggest difference between the two places..otherwise they are similar in location, square footage and rent.  Option A has laundry in-unit, Option B has laundry facilities on all floors.  Option A has more storage than Option B.  Option A is closer to work and has easy access to walking paths and has an impressive fitness center.  Option B is closer to mom’s house and across the street from a truffle shop.

So far we’re leaning towards Option A.  Given the options, what would you choose?  Is central air worth giving up easy access to exercise?


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3 thoughts on “Semi-Home-Made Pizza Night

  1. Central air is huge. Good luck, though I think we will miss the roommates in your posts. We lost our roommate many years ago when we got engage. I guess it is pretty common.

    1. I’d imagine it is pretty common for couples to strike out on their own once they get engaged or married. Our situation is pretty unique. I had quit my 2nd job because it was getting to be too much, but without the extra income, I couldn’t afford a place on my own. My grandma agreed to let me live with her for 1 year while I figured things out with Jeff–our relationship was still long distance and we were planning on him moving in with me at the end of the 1 year time frame. Well, we weren’t able to find a job for Jeff on this side of the border when the 1 year was up and so I reached out to my friends. Mike and Gloria are a married couple who were living with Mike’s parents. The 3 of us moved in together so that they didn’t have to live with their parents and I didn’t have to live with my Grandma any more. A few months later, Jeff decided enough was enough and quit his job in Canada and brought his savings down here to look for a job. About 4 months later, he found one and signed onto the lease as a roommate. We always knew this was going to be a short-term arrangement, but we are glad that we had this opportunity to live together because we have learned so much and I couldn’t have asked for better roomies. We’re all looking forward to Spring.

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