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WW Meeting Update: Believe

Today’s meeting was surrounding the Weight Watcher’s marketing campaign of “Believe.”  So, I guess it is unfair to say that it was surrounding the marketing, really it was just using the marketing in the meeting to start things off for the new year.

This morning I woke up at 7am with every good intention of going to the regular 8am meeting, but somehow, I convinced myself that the meeting didn’t start until 9am.  Well… around 8:30am as I was poking around the internet, I thought “Crap. What if the meeting started at 8?” And, sure enough, I was late for my meeting.  I had committed to giving Lisa a chance and I had left a few people with an engagement cliffhanger last week and so I really needed to be there!  Pedal to the metal, going over 20MPH over the speedlimit… er, I mean.. driving in a nice, safe and legal manner…I made it there to catch the Power Start Session and catch up with Lisa and couple other regulars, but I missed Runa.  Damnit! 😡 Huff.

I heard that she went, though, and that’s promising because that means I might catch her next week.

I sat through Lisa’s Power Start Session and paged through the weekly while I waited for the 9:30am meeting with Krista.  I don’t like her meetings as much, but she’s a nice gal.  I was able to contribute a little to the meeting and to get others to contribute too, so that was cool.  One thing that I want to do as part of my “homework” is to make some “I will” statements/goals:

– This year, I will complete 5 5k races.
– This year, I will complete the Warrior Dash in July.
– This year, I will keep on keepin’ on and continue my weight loss journey.
– This year, I will not get crazy about weight loss just because I am engaged.  My weight loss journey is for myself and my future, not to look good in a wedding dress.  My engagement will not derail my end-goal.

Weigh In:
Weight: 216.6
Waist: 36
Hips: 46.5
Dress Size: 16


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  1. I love your “I will…” statements, and I have no doubt that you will achieve them. Do you & Jeff have a date in mind for your wedding?

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