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New Year, New Goals!

…Just like everyone else, hehe 🙂

So, my 1st goal of 2012 is to always leave something left behind.  On my plate that is… It’s something that my mom brought up while we were having lunch this week.  She says:

I will no longer be a member of the clean plate club.

Well, Momma, I’m going to join you.  Tonight I left about 4 ounces of a porkchop left on my plate.  It was over-sized and had stuffing too, so it’s not crazy.  We had an awesome salad to go along wih it and finished that.

My 2nd goal of 2012 is to do at least 5 5k races in addition to the Warrior Dash in July.  I really really need to get on track with my strength training, though, and so my goal for next week is to do Strength Training 3x and Cardio 2x.  This week started out with good intentions, got side-railed by food poisoning and ended with overtime at work. Womp womp.

Tomorrow begins my 7-day tracking challenge.  It will be the 1st week with Lisa as the actual established leader of Weight Watchers and so I’m hoping for a fresh start and  more success than I’ve had before.   Wish me luck…


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