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College E-mails

Due to technical difficulties, Tracker Tuesday is skipped this week… or rather, postponed until next week.  I did rather well today in avoiding treats but I had a bag of animal crackers this afternoon because I just needed the CRUNCH!  Do you ever get cravings like that?

I finished setting up my student e-mail account today so that I can start classes next week.  I have already received an e-mail reply from one of my instructors to clarify the textbook requirement.  I was hoping that I would be able to find a cheaper version of the book online, but the college bookstore was within $10 of the ones I found online so I just ordered it.  Ill be able to pick it up on Saturday when I go to the “Connect Day.”  I’ve also got the tuition payments staggered and starting to come out, so that’s cool.  My tuition will be paid off on April 5th.  Also, I just figured out how to synch my college e-mail with my mobile devices so that I can be notified if/when my instructors send communications.  I’m pretty proud of myself 🙂 I didn’t even ask for help from my resident expert…

On another note… I just finished reading the first wedding planning book that I picked up.  It’s called The Bride’s Survival Guide 150 Mistakes You Should Avoid for the Perfect Wedding.  In my post-engagement excitement, I’ve already made a couple of the cited mistakes, but now that I have read it, I will be sure to avoid any more–especially the more costly ones.

Since I was distracted by the engagement this weekend, I completely failed to do laundry and so I skipped my usual Phase 2 workout tonight in order to take care of that, so there will be some ST going on tomorrow for sure.



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