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Weight Watchers Meeting Leader Change: Rude Awakening

I was blind-sided when I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, excited to see Randy again, and instead come face-to-face with someone named Lisa. I was so bummed out! A few weeks ago, I switched up my meeting time from Saturdays at 11 to Saturdays at 8 because starting in January, I am going to have a conflicting appointment at 11. I discovered the most powerfully motivating leader ever! He was insightful, humorous, down-to-earth… The last meeting I went to, he concluded the meeting by strumming on his guitar and singing about how “this week I’ve really failed, it’s time to strip at the scale…” and we left laughing our butts off and determined not to have to strip at the scale the next week.  Last week I was out of town for Christmas in Canada and so I didn’t hear the news until this morning.  I was so excited to talk to him about my progress, but my buddy wasn’t there.  He has trimmed down to one weeknight meeting across town that I will probably never make it to.

Randy’s meetings were PACKED to the gills because people WANTED to hear him, wanted to share their stories with him, and wanted to interact with the other people there who shared the interest.  Therefore, today, Lisa started the meeting by letting us talk about the loss of the leader.  The pre-meeting buzz had a distinct tone of WTF!?  I didn’t get as much time with Randy as I would have hoped, but there are two things that I distinctly want to take away from my time with him:

You can never FALL off the wagon.  You make the conscious decision to JUMP off of it.  You must make the decision to JUMP back on it.

We discussed this little tidbit in the meeting today and Lisa expounded on it saying that we are not the victims of our circumstance and we have the knowledge and the power to make choices for ourselves.

We’re all on a bus together.  Some of us got picked up at one stop, some of us got on the bus later, but we will all make it there together.

That’s what I really liked about the meetings and what really  kept me coming back.  YES the meetings were packed.  YES the meetings were huge.  But there was talking, there was laughter, there were friends.  He called us all family when we were at his meetings and we knew that we were in it together.  One of the people at the meeting today (who was blindsided like me) said that we lost our bus driver.

The first half of the meeting today was like a funeral for Randy because the majority of us will never see him again.  There were tears, there was laughter, but most of all there was acceptance.  Bruce said that the best way that we can honor Randy is to succeed.  And I fully believe that it’s true!  The Weight Watchers website, rules, points, and now leaders have changed.  I usually do not accept change very well, but given the circumstances, I think that this is the best time for it.  It’s the new year and people are primed for changes.  I think Lisa was very brave for standing up there and facing all of our scrutiny, knowing that the odds were stacked against her.  I’m going to go again next week and the week after and the week after… I’m going to give her a chance because although I dragged my butt out of bed for Randy at 7am on a Saturday, Lisa dragged her butt out of bed at 4:30am to be there for the 6am group.  And she let us talk about Randy.  And she then did the regular WW meeting and just took the next step.  If she can be that dedicated to us, then I can be that dedicated to the program and give her a chance–because at the end of the day, I’m doing this for me.  Not for anyone else.  And if that means that I get a new leader, well then, that’s what it means.


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  1. Sounds like Lisa has her head screwed on right. I predict that you will come to value her style of leadership – different though it may be – as much as Randy”s.

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