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Phase 2 Recap

I think I have mentioned before that when I started my new job, I stopped working out.  When I finally asked for help, I rededicated myself to fitness and talked to Ramon about re-doing my Phase 2 routine.  Here is what he came up with:

On BOSU – DB Squat Thrust 15 lb
DB Chest Fly Ball 15 lb – Straight Fly w/ crunch, ball at mid-back
Cable Hamstring 12.5 – “The Skateboard”
DB Deadlift / Row 25 – 1:3 stiff-leg deadlift, row 3x, repeat
Med Ball Lunges Over – Orange ball, high-knee walking lunges
Wheel Walk – pull indd
KB Deep Squat 40 lb – Steps at a “v” + Kettlebell
Rope Tricep Ext – Split at top, return 1/2 way, repeat.

I  started this routine this week and like it quite a bit so far.  I was supposed to do the routine again today, but I have had an aching chest pain for the majority of the afternoon, and so I just did cardio instead.  Don’t worry, I think the pain in my chest (right-side) is related to the muscles in my back.  If it is not better by tomorrow, then I will call the nurse.

Exercise has been going well this week, but I have been in an “eat everything” mood.  I think it is probably just comin down from all those sweets on vacation! Lol.. I have still had sweets every day, but gradually less and less each day.  I can’t wait until my Weight Watcher’s meeting on Saturday.  Free “Reset Button”.


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    1. Woot! Thanks for commenting, Ramon. Your support means a lot to me. Next up: a summary of my weight watchers meeting this morning and heading into 2012.

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