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Christmas in Canada

Welcome to Canada for Christmas!  I can’t believe that we had to drive over 500 miles just to have a white Christmas 🙂 We haven’t had a lick of snow in Minnesota that has stayed on the ground. Of course, we got to Jeff’s parent’s house and there was just enough snow to cover things, but not enough to play in.  Ah well…  A mild winter never hurt anyone, right?* (Don’t answer that).

We left right after work on Thursday afternoon… There was a LOT more traffic than I was anticipating and that kind of dampened my spirits a little bit.  Things let loose, though, around Rogers and so that helped quite a bit.  Crossing the border was easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy and we arrived at Jeff’s parent’s house around 1am Friday morning.  We didn’t do much that night because we were absolutely beat.  Thankful isn’t quite a strong enough word for how we felt about having a bed made and ready for us.

On Friday morning after getting some much-needed rest, Jeff and I headed out to one of the largest shopping malls in the region to secure some gift cards for his niece and his nephew.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t buy them in advance because US gift cards won’t work in Canada.  We braved the Boxing-Week crowds and stood in line for the cards and felt pretty damn accomplished… And then we found out from a friend that we could’ve avoided the hassle by going to the local Savers and buying the gift cards from there =P Oh well. Lesson learned. When we were done shopping, we had enough time to stop over at our friend’s house to catch up with them and meet their 3-week old son.  The guys chatted it up about the past and what has happened since we last got together and us women-folk chatted it up about child-birth, how things went, how things are going at home and what they want of the future.  With adult convo mixed in as well, of course–not everything can be baby-centric.  Their baby, though–ah! What a cutie.  I think this was the only time over the weekend that we went somewhere and did not make bad food choices.

Bad food choices abounded this weekend.  It started with A&W, proceeded downhill with Tim Horton’s and turned into an avalanche with all the Christmas goodies at all the parties we went to.  Gosh, if I had to list it all there would be things like mochas, double-doubles, timbits, chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, marshmallow…thingies…, fudge, cheese of all kinds, crackers, crisps, bacon, cake, pound-cake, lemon-pastries, egg nog, beer, burgers, fries, soda, some sort of dessert I don’t even know the name of that has something to do with Cranberries and orange marmalade…

Lol… I tried to track and Jeff intervened and said it would just make me depressed and that I should just eat within my daily points values for the rest of the week with the assumption that I have most definitely used up my flex points values for at least the next month.  I shouldn’t be laughing at that, but dang-it, we had a good time!


I had a moment on Christmas morning where it really hit me that I missed my family.  I made the rounds and tried to call my mom, dad, and brother and sister to just chat with them and say good morning on Christmas and not a single one of them answered their phones.

Of course, I was feeling sorry for myself and Jeff noticed and gave me a big hug.  That pushed me right over the proverbial edge and I admit to crying just a little bit.  As I went to our bedroom to finish feeling sorry for myself and wipe off my face, my brother called me back and told me to suck it up because I’d be home the next day.  LOL!  Just what I needed, for sure.  The rest of the day went really well.  All of the close family came over for gift exchanges at Jeff’s parent’s house and then we all piled in the car to go to Jeff’s Grandma’s apartment for a gift exchange there.  Most of the extended family had to leave right away because they had prior engagements, but Jeff and I stayed with his parents to have Christmas dinner with his Grandma.  She likes her new apartment and is adjusting quite well.  I was happy to see it, and I’m sure Jeff feels better to know that she’s getting along well now.

The drive home today was pretty uneventful.  Jeff and I subsisted on Timbits and Monster for the greater part of the 8 hr drive.  And, of course, there’s nothing to eat in the way of real food at our apartment so he had a rib sandwich and I had hotdogs from the gas station for dinner.  Ugh.  Can you say gut-rot?  I will happily return to my healthy eating schedule tomorrow.

How were your holidays this year?  What was the best and worst thing you did?



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  1. aww I say you can forgive yourself for giving on Christmas goodies. It is Christmas after all. Lord knows the rest of us indulged as well. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas all things considered! and you got snow! Lucky ducky. We got rain boo

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