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How to Prepare Beets

1. Buy fresh beets from your local grocer or famer’s market.
2. Trim the greens to leave 3″+ of the stalks
3. Put beets in a large pan of water
4. Boil beets as you would potatoes (these took about 20-30 minutes, tops)
5. Strain the beets and peel the (dirty-nasty-icky) skin off to reveal perfect pretty beets.
5a. NOTE: If you are pickling beets or otherwise keeping them for a long period of time, you can still use this method, just strain the water through a coffee filter to remove impurities.
6. Slice and admire
7. Admire and enjoy.

I never used to like canned beets, but I think fresh ones are pretty, aromatic, earthy and delicious.  What is your favorite way to eat beets?


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