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Monster Dash Recap!

Race Day - in frost on my car before leaving the apartment.

I started off the day feeling so optimistic!  My brother had gotten out of work early last night and so I didn’t have to give him a ride home at 2:30am and I got a decent amount of sleep.  I woke up before the alarm, had a refreshing shower and an obligatory snuggle from Rah-rah, packed my gym bag and headed out for race day! 

I stopped at the gas station on my way to pick up a ham-egg-and-cheese-muffin (english muffin sandwich) and a coffee while I checked in with people about the race.  I posted from my phone to Facebook a gleeful “Wish me luck!” status update.  A handful of well-wishers did so.  I live right near a major highway intersection and the man in front of me must have been lost because he thought it was acceptable to enter the highway going about 35 miles per hour.  The street that I live on has a speed limit of 45, so this was clearly unacceptable and hazardous.  Cue me pushing the accelerator to pass the putz-muffin and go on my merry way.  Then cue my car billowing bouts of smoke.  I saw it in the rear-view mirror and thought to myself “I didn’t do a burn-out..I just sped up..” and then I saw that the smoke was coming from under the hood and had to immediately pull over.  I never even got up to highway speed… 

The scary thing is that with all the smoke, my first thought was that my car had somehow spontaneously combusted and decided to start itself on fire.  With shaking hands I snatched my cell phone and my keys and scrambled out of the car.  It wasn’t until after I ran away from the car that I realized… Hey, scaredy cat, that smoke is white not black.. your car is not on fire!  At which point I snapped this photo and started glaring at my car with an “I hate you”  face, and called a tow truck, then Rah-rah.  Upon closer inspection,  I realized that something had gone terribly wrong with the cooling system and it was essentially spilling its guts all over the highway.  The billowing smoke was just the coolant being burned off of the engine.  With where it was parked, there’s not room for a tow-truck in front of it without interrupting traffic… so I did the only thing an independent woman like me could do: I popped the car into neutral and pushed it back far enough to make room for a tow truck.

See the puddle at the end of the median? Coolant.

After that, I grabbed my duffle bag and my 1/2 eaten sammich and my coffee and hung out until the tow truck showed up. The State Trooper who came with him was impressed that I had already moved the car to avoid blocking traffic. “You did that yourself?” He said.. “Oh yeah,” I said, with my Minnesota Accent creeping in.. “My boyfriend hasn’t made it here yet.” It was kind of funny.. he asked when Rah-rah would be getting here and I was able to look over the State Trooper’s shoulder and point to Rah-rah as he came around the entrance ramp to the highway. “There he is.”

So I got ‘er loaded up and sent off to be repaired then Rah-rah escorted me to the race. It worked out for the best, really, because he was able to drop me off right at packet pick-up. Then, he went back home to get a book to read while waiting for me to finish the race. At this point, we were still under the impression that I would probably be walking the race, so he expected to wait around for a while.

I got my bib number and my shirt… wandered over to the port-a-potties… mis-took a “troll” for one of the suicidal fairies on Gunnerkrigg Court… half-heartedly danced to some of the music that was playing… dropped off my bag at the bag-drop.. then lined up for the fun part 🙂

The Monster Dash is a Team-Ortho sponsored event, and in runner lingo, that means that it is the place to be.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many people, kids, and dogs were there.  It was awesome.  I saw people dressed up as crayons, super heroes, cops, fire-fighters, tv and movie characters, celebrities, cartoons etc.  It was mayhem!  I wanted to take pictures of everything and started to, but I realized that my phone was going to die before the race was over, and my nice camera had gone in the car with Rah-rah when he went home to get his book.

The race went well, though, and I was able to jog the whole thing.  I found Rah-rah sitting under a tree at the 3 mile mark, and ran up a hill to give him a big hug.  He caught a picture of that and it turns out that my arms were in the same position as the running skeleton on my shirt 😉  I booked it to the finish line, found I did my personal best at 41:55 (corrected for the 3ish minutes it took to cross the start line), collected my medal and grinned ear-to-ear.

Rah-rah had found my camera and had been taking pictures of people as they raced while he was waiting for me, so, thanks to him, I am able to share this race-day slide show with you.  Thanks for reading! Enjoy the pics 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Gosh, I was stressed out but it’s happened in the past so at least I knew what to expect. ^^; Thanks for the encouragement, too! This is definitely a race I’ll be doing next year.

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