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The Monster Dash is probably dashed…

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It’s probably a good thing that my camera is in the other room and the web-cam on my computer is disabled.. Otherwise, I may be tempted to post a pic of my current predicament.  See, my nose has decided that it would like to run a mad dash… We have no Kleenex or other facial tissues in the house to speak of, so I am using toilet paper.  It happens to be the Charmin Ultra Strong (because that’s what was on sale…)  It works fine for the loo,  but it feels like 80-grit sand-paper on my poor nose.  The solution?  Instead of wiping my nose, I’ve just twisted a couple squares into a make-shift plug.  LOL  Yep.  Coming to you, live, from runny-nose-ville with a wad of toilet paper stuffed up my nose.  now that’s glamorous. 😉



So, as I was saying… I think Monster Dash 2011 might not work out this year 😦 My calves are still cramped up from Monday’s work-out and this cold that has come out of nowhere has me feeling pretty run down.  It’s probably not the best idea to go traipsing about in 40-degree weather with cramped legs and a runny nose.

There is good news, though!  Yesterday was the Health Fair at work and it was pretty freakin’ sweet.  I was most impressed with Memorial Blood Centers who came out and did blood-typing for free.  We’re about 80% certain that my blood type is A-.  Which is the same grade I averaged in high school… But, more to the point–only 6% of the population has type A-.  Even more interesting to me is that because I am type A-, I can only receive type A- or type O- (the universal type) if I need a transfusion!  Figure THAT one out!  If I can only get type A- (or o- but we’re omitting that part right now), then I should give A- while I’m healthy enough to help!  I have never donated blood in the past (because it creeps me out) but 1 pint of blood can save the lives of 3 people.  10 minutes+1 pint=3 Lives Saved.  Where do I sign up?!



Also at the fair were other vendors showcasing healthy living habits etc.  I participated in a fitness demo to show off the Power Circuit class that our fitness centers offer on Wednesdays.  Even with my injured calves, I wanted to participate because 1) It was supposed to be beginner level and 2) I am proud of our fitness center and want people to feel comfortable going there.  Turns out, though, that Mr. Trainer wasn’t hosting a ‘beginner’ class.  He had all his regulars as the demonstrators, so he hosted an actual moderate/advanced class!  He had us doing 7 different stations for 1-Trainer-Minute each for about 45 minutes–in front of an audience.  At some point over the next few weeks a picture will crop up of me doing crunches on a stability ball with a 15 pound bar.

If you’re still here for the food posts… I promise, they will resume again shortly.  Tonight’s dinner was made by Mr. Roomie.  He prepared pork chops “grilled” on a cast iron skillet, brown rice and broccoli with a spiced gravy made of cream-of-mushroom soup.  The chops were tough, but the broccoli was good and the soup/gravy went really well with everything.  I don’t have a recipe for you yet, but from the Health Fair I will be posting recipes for State Fair Food Gone Healthy!  I have a recipe for Avocado Curds (as opposed to Cheese Curds), Chocolate Covered Banana (as opposed to Deep Fried Snickers), and The Best Cookie Recipe Ever (as opposed to Sweet Martha’s Cookies).  Stay tuned for that…

I believe that’s all for today 🙂 Thanks for subscribing and for reading.  I hope to be posting on Saturday to let you know about the Monster Dash–if I run it and how it went, and if I didn’t run it, and how that went.  Ta ta for now!




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