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Warrior Dash Personal Training Phase 2

Here I am, on my bed, with my laptop scorching my left thigh because the processor gets too hot, wanting to post a blog for you and for the life of me not seeing the traditional editor.

Cue furious searching of and … and here we are.  Back at my lovely wordpress editor where I can switch back and forth between the visual and html editors until my heart is content…

Right then. So, I had Phase 2 Day 1 of my personal training for the Warrior Dash last night.  Mr. Trainer was relentless!  We did an odd sort of set, too.  My memory is a blur at this point for what all we did… Expect full details and illustrations once I get the list from him…

From fuzzy memory, I believe we started with walking lunges with bicep curls into an upward press.  Then I did deadlifts with a bar–back to back, 3 sets of each of those exercises.  Then, I did push-ups on TRX rings… swore I was going to lose my grip and face-plant into an exercise machine in front of me… Paired with that was the top-end of a power clean.  I forget what he called it, but instead of doing a full lift of a heavy bar and then using explosive movement at the top, we just did the explosive movement at the top.  Back and forth between those two exercises until I had 3 sets… Then I did an impact-resistance training move where I stepped up on risers with a medicine ball, jumped down (a foot on either side) and dropped into a squat so my bum barely touched the riser, then climbed back up–rinse, repeat.  I am forgetting an exercise here… The next pair were calf raises–neutral x10, toes-out x10, toes-in x10 (omg so freakin hard), paired with speed curls on the cable machine.  It is buggin’ the hell out of me that I have blanked out one of the exercises.

I think the reason for the blank-out is because yesterday was an emotionally taxing experience.  I’m over-tired from all of our travel recently, dehydrated, and jealous.  I spent what moments I could yesterday talking through my feelings with Mr. Trainer because I fully believe that your emotional well-being has a direct influence with your physical well-being.  Even if he’s not a professional in that field, he’s a good guy and a good friend, so I felt better after my workout. Muscle cramps notwithstanding.

Today didn’t start off so badly, but as I write this, with my legs straight out in front of me, I feel the pull in my calves as if they are on fire.  Or as if they -were- on fire and now they are over ice.  It’s a crazy feeling and hard to describe to someone who has not experienced muscle cramps.  It’s like a never-ending charlie-horse except I can move my feet.  My shoulders were cramping up yesterday too and I can feel the soreness from those cramps, but at least the muscles have relaxed a little.  My quads and biceps are sore today, but not unreasonably so.  I’m pretty happy about that 🙂

I was out of town again this weekend and so a dinner menu has not exactly been made yet.  Yesterday, dinner consisted of left-overs…. Specifically the left over fajita veg and chicken added to a packet of rice for a one-pot-wonder.  Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) tonight’s dinner was also left-overs.  I finished off the last of the Kale Soup (so good!) and the rest of the roomies had the rice-dish for left-overs.  Tomorrow, Mr. Roomie is going to make Carbonara with a side of asparagus.  On Thursday, I’m going out with my buddy whom I have not seen in quite a while so we’ll probably have dinner out.  I believe Pork Chops with a side of Veg may be on the menu for that night.  On Friday, there’s no plan yet, but if you chime in we may consider something new 🙂 Maybe something in the slow cooker…

From here, I leave you with pictures from my most recent adventure–a trip to Chicago to see Evanescence in concert (with The Rival Sons and The Pretty Reckless):

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