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Menu Monday: Kale Soup Recipe

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So, my trip to Colorado was nothing if not eventful.  While I was there, it felt like it was paced perfectly–each day had its own activities and we didn’t feel rushed at all.  Now that we’re at home, Rah-rah and I are looking back and thinking about how fast time flew by and how we’d still like to be there with friends, working and enjoying our time together.

/wistful sigh.

Ah well, c’est la vie, no?  Our trip is a wonderful memory that we will cherish for a long time to come.  In the mean time, we’re back to “the daily grind” at work and I’m back to making the weekly menu:

Tonight’s dinner did not go as planned.  Instead of Lemon Chicken and Green Beans as planned, we instead had Herbed Chicken with Mixed Veggies and Knorr/Lipton Pasta Side.  It’s my own fault, I suppose.  I didn’t prep the chicken last night so Mr. Roomie made use of what we had on hand. I was a bit miffed and Mrs. Roomie was apologetic… The mixed veg was contaminated by butter because she forgot my request that the communal pot of veggies be left nekkid and that they add butter or oil only to their own servings.  I had planned to have half a plate of veggies tonight in order to avoid the pasta and extra carbs and still get full, but I can’t track something that I don’t know the quantity of.  I skipped the veggies altogether and opted instead for a pear.  Unfortunately, I was hungry again within an hour and a half.  I think this is another c’est la vie moment–I did not plan,  or prepare the meal myself and so I must suffer the consequences.  It is not as if the meal were actually ruined, it’s my own sense of control that made me unhappy with choices. Everyone else still ate and enjoyed what Mr. and Mrs. Roomie were kind enough to prepare.  I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but I did want to write about tonight’s experience because it is an important part of my weight-loss challenge.

Tomorrow, we have a great meal planned that I -will- be preparing myself.  It’s Kale Soup that I had while staying at my friend’s house.  It reminds me of Tsuppa Toscana from Olive Garden, but it just FEELS lighter than that could possibly be.  I’m excited to cook it tomorrow.  The recipe was originally forwarded via e-mail so I am not sure where it originated, but my friend’s mom spiced it up by changing out a couple ingredients and adding some extras.  If you try it, please let me know what you think of it or if you changed it even more 🙂
Kale Soup – a la Sandy

1 tb olive oil
1 lb chorizo sausage/turkey kielbasa or other spiced meat
1 qt chicken Beef broth (low sodium)
1 lg onion (diced)
4 large potatoes (cubed) 1/2 lb red potatoes, diced, unpeeled.
1 bunch kale washed & chopped
1 can red kidney beans 1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
PLUS green beans
salt and pepper to taste

– Cube/dice/cut meat into bite-sized pieces.
– Heat oil in a heavy soup pot; sauté sausage and onion until fat rendered, 3-5 minutes.  (If using a meat other than sausage, cook through until done)
– Add other ingredients, except kale.
– Bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes.
– Add kale and simmer about 8 minutes or until tender.
– Add salt/pepper to taste.

It was -so- good.  The way that my friend’s mom made it, it was full of vegetable-y goodness with just a hint of spice from the meats.  I may do a more in-depth entry about this meal tomorrow when I actually make it 🙂 If you read this entry in time, perhaps you can make it with me.

Hope you’ve all been well, thanks, as always, for reading.


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