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Update from lovely Colorado!

Hello World! I feel like I’ve seen a little more of you now.  Rah-rah and I took a flight out of town on Friday after work and headed out to Colorado to spend about a week or so preparing for and then celebrating our friend’s nuptuals.  It’s been kind of whirlwind, but each day has been going slow enough to enjoy, too.  It’s not flying by the way that most of my vacations usually do.  My eating patterns are thrown way out of whack, though.  We’ve either been running errands, cleaning house, or sight seeing in the middle of the day so for the past couple of days I’ve had breakfast and dinner with maybe a snack in between.  ^-^

I’m also drinking a lot more than I usually would.  It started with the Bachelorette party on Saturday and then drinks in the hot tub last night… tonight we’re having some vodka + 7 with dinner… Mmm. Tasty.

Unfortunately, being in the mountains has its limits.  For example–there’s no wireless internet access from where I’m staying.  I’m using the home-owner’s computer and unfortunately, her computer is not equipped with an SD Memory Card reader like my laptop is.  I’m thinking I may steal away to the local Starbucks at some point to post pictures so far, but I can’t guarantee anything–I get the feeling that time may start flying the closer to the wedding that we get.

I -can- promise you that when I -do- update, you can look forward to a great Portugese Kale Soup recipe from the soon-to-be-newlyweds’ mom.  It was -so- good and reminiscint of Tsuppa Toscana from Olive Garden–except less butter.  A lot less butter.

It sounds like the guys just got home from the store so I should go back to socializing.  I leave you with a couple pics snapped on my cell phone camera:

Free Upgraded Rental
Finalizing cake decisions
Snowy Aspens near Pike's National Forest


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