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AFK: How Life Got In The Way

NOTE: the mileage is missing a digit. It was 1010 miles round trip.

Over the last week or so, things have gone from alright to downright frantic.  It’s after midnight so I’ll keep this short for now but I started my new job in earnest… I’m realizing that I should schedule my breaks because otherwise I don’t take them–there’s a lot of work to do and that’s keeping me tethered to the desk more than the phones ever did.  I don’t have time to plot and plan posts during the work day so they’ve been falling by the wayside.  Also, Rah-rah’s TN Visa was invalidated because of a change at his company and he came home to say that he was no longer legal to work in the U.S.  Nothing makes your heart sink faster than that, I’ll tell you… The good news is that he was able to reapply and it went really smooth, so he’s already been there and back and life is good.  Of course, he only got back yesterday and tomorrow we’re heading out for a week long visit to Colorado for our friends wedding and associated festivities.  I’m bringing the lap top, so I’m hoping to be able to update at least a couple times while I’m there. Oh, and for those who asked, this week’s menu was: pork tenderloin (pizza), beef stew, waffles, pizza, and airport food.  I recently joined Weight Watchers (subsidized through work) and I’m going to see how that goes.  Expect more soon(er or later).  As mentioned in the graphic above, sorry for my absence and thank you for your patience ❤ 






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2 thoughts on “AFK: How Life Got In The Way

  1. Yay! Update! =) Hope you guys have a lovely trip! I freakin LOVE Colorado. My (ex) best friend used to live in Littleton, and I really fell in love with it there.

    Yayyyy! Weight Watchers buddy! =) I love it. Let me know if you have any questions about it or anything.

  2. I love your little drawings! I’m glad everything with Jeff is going smoothly, too. AND! Weight Watchers! I had a really good experience with WW the first time I lost weight, but I’m not sure if it was because of WW or because weight loss was so new to me that I wasn’t the old, jaded soul I am now. I will say that there is something to have a very accountable weigh-in every week! I wish you the best of luck!

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