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Mill City Farmer’s Market

The Mill City Farmer's Market is nestled between the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum, in Downtown Minneapolis.

This morning when I woke up, I knew that I wanted to head down tot he Mill City Market.  Usually I’d phone a friend and plan to meet them nearby, but today I just kind of snuck out of the house so that I could wander around on my own.  Before I went to the market, I headed into the Guthrie to ask about Rush Seating… If the tickets for a show don’t sell out, often times you can get them at a greatly discounted rate.  They’ve got some good shows coming up, so I’m pretty interested in that.

When I go to the market, I try to walk through and browse through every stall first.  Many farmers are offering the “same” fair so I like to compare quality, quantity, and pricing.

Golden Medal Flour Mill

As I was walking through the various vendors, I was suddenly brought to attention by an announcement that they would be doing a bread-making demonstration.  This farmer’s market FREQUENTLY hosts demonstrations but I had never arrived on time to actually catch one, so I was rather excited.  By this time, I had already scooped up some more Ames Honey, Wheat Flour, cage-free eggs and sheeps’milk cheese, but I felt that it was cold enough to watch the demonstration without risking ruining my finds.  I found a table in the sun to try to keep warm and set my bag of goodies in the shade to watch the show.  Unfortunately, I only caught the first name of the baker–her name was Lisa.  Or maybe it was Tina.  I’m bad at this… it had an “i” and an “a” in it anyway and she was enthusiastic and just so excited..

She started with a focaccia bread recipe and showed the audience how to mix the flour and knead the flour into the starter-bread and how you need a really strong gluten to bind the bread together. Then, with baking-demonstration-magic she pulled out a ‘loaf’ that had already rested and settled… Then the pizza-making began!  The first pizza that she made was actually with Concord Grapes (from our neighbors in Wisconsin!), a little olive oil and some sugar.  Into the wood-burning oven for about 10 minutes while she started preparing the next pizza.  I didn’t even hear what she was talking about because I was too busy watching the pizza cook up right in front of my eyes! It cooked so fast!  The Lorenzo Oven was a wood-burning outdoor pizza oven and it was over 500 degrees.  I -watched- the bread rise and start to turn golden… gorgeous.   Then it was time for the pizza to come out–oh my goodness!

After I received my sample, I skidaddled out of there.  I paused for some Eberskivel (Pancake balls!) and then headed home to write this post and do the rest of the stuff I have planned for the day.  Going to the market was a great way to start the morning 🙂 Going solo meant that I could linger as long or as little as I wanted.  Sampling Pizza, though, means I’ll have to tell Rah-rah about it and make sure he comes along next time. Hehe.




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