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Dogs vs. Cats, His Parents vs. Mine.

Whoooooooo…… *deep breath* So, Rah-rah’s parents, his brother, and Sparky (Toby’s nemisis) came down to visit from Winnipeg, MB Canada.  They got here last night.  I was GREAT last night but now I’m starting to worry a little bit.  I had been doing really well with my working out and eating right lately so I thought I’d weigh in this morning.  The scale has not budged one inch!  How are the two related?  Well–we may not have the most restaurants per capita, but it certainly seems like it.  Food is the major attraction during their visit.  Last night, we descended on Famous Dave’s in search of good barbeque. We certainly found it.  Dave’s has got the best BBQ in the area (in my opinion).  Unfortunately, they also have tasty sides that boast outrageous calories/fat.  My favorite ‘treat’ there is the cornbread muffin: 

Famous Dave’s Cornbread Muffin:
Calories 390
Total Fat 20 g
Total Carbs 48 g
Sugars 23 g
Protein 5 g

Now, considering that my total allowance for each MEAL is supposed to be 350 calories or less, last night was kind of a disaster.  I not only had the cornbread muffin, I also had some toffee chocolate chip cookies that Mrs. Roomie made, boneless chicken and a cornbread puff.

At the moment, Toby is rolling around in catnip, Mrs. Roomie is surfing the web, Rah-rah is lamenting the release date of his newest game, I am resisting the urge to eat cookies and Mr. Roomie is making waffles and sausage for brunch.

On the agenda today is touring the cities and seeing some of the landmarks.  I know we are going to see a park, a cathedral, and a computer-parts/accessories store.  Tonight’s dinner is going to be at a Brazilian Steak House, served up buffet style.  I am hoping that I can just get the salad bar and stop myself from going crazy and diving head-first into a protein coma.  It might be harder than it seems, though, because Rah-rah’s parents and my parents are meeting for the first time today.  If that’s not something to be anxious about, then I don’t know what is.

I’m excited though.  And hopeful.  Always 🙂


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