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Warrior Dash Training, plus a 1550 Calorie Day

On Friday, I had to basically train myself.  I can only afford 1 session of personal training per month and so what Mr. Trainer has done is design a program for me that he will train me in for 1 hour, and then schedule so that I do it on my own for the next 3 weeks.  When I went through it with Mr. Trainer (as blogged about here), it was completely intense and I was sore for the next 3 or so days.  On Friday, I did the strength training again on my own. 

A problem that I ran into is that when I was on the treadmill by myself, I quickly got bored.  I was only going for 1.5-2 minutes at a time but I would want to quit early, not because I was fatigued, but because my mind was wandering and not wanting to be on a treadmill anymore.  I tried distracting myself by watching my hair in the mirror swish-swish-swish-swish but that doesn’t keep a mind occupied for too long, hehe. 

Thankfully, someone else showed up to work out and wanted to chat so that made time go by much better.

Full sprint, 80% max; Ball Tuck Roll (3x)
Full sprint, 85% max; Ball DB Chest Press (3x)
Full sprint, 75% max; Body Bar Front Squat (3x)
Full sprint, 70% max; Angled Lat Pull Down (3x)
Full sprint, 80% max; Ball Roll (3x)

I did really well for my workout on Friday.  I missed exercising on Saturday, but on Sunday I have a plan to incorporate about 45 minutes of activity in my day.  Whether that’s a walk or a bike-ride depends on the weather, but I’m looking forward to it.

Another part of the training that Mr. Trainer threw in was a nutrition plan.  I’m basically supposed to aim for about 1550 calories/day.  Ideally, he’d like to see about 300 calories per meal x5 meals per day.  Now, when I count calories, I tend to get a little too obsessive.  I really want to give this my best shot, though, so I took some time to draft up an idea of what a 1550 calorie day could look like.  I will be giving this a try on Sunday:


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2 thoughts on “Warrior Dash Training, plus a 1550 Calorie Day

  1. Love your food drawings! 🙂 Wish I were that artsy. Seriously, it’s embarrassing. 🙂

    You rock, Megs! You are making me want to get up and conquer the world too! 😀

    1. Tori, you should go conquer the world 😀 Lol Personal training is so cool. $60/month for someone to tell me exactly what to do at the gym–no more fitness center ADD 😀

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