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Menu Monday: Mac n Cheese

Over the weekend I helped my sister out and babysat for my 6 year old niece.  I picked her up on Friday night and she spent the weekend with me.  Because of that, the weekend menu was geared more towards a younger pallet.  We made home-made mac n cheese with enriched elbow macaroni and some fresh cheeses (cheddar, a little bit of motz and some milk) and she just loved it.  While she was here, I taught her how to make french toast (learned a new way to crack eggs), and how to make “healthy” apple pie (how to use fractions and how to measure!)  She also got a chance to paint (she learned what “abstract” was), she got to draw on the windows (thank goodness for Crayola!), she got to view the moon through the telescope (yay Astrology), plus, she learned a little bit about budgeting because I set a price limit and then took her to Target to pick out her birthday gift.  All in all, it went really really well.  It was interesting to try to do the usual weekend activities (grocery shopping, running errands, planning menus, fixing cars..) with an opinionated, spirited, smart 6 year old along.  

Saturday: Macaroni & Cheese
Sunday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Monday: Waldorf Chicken Salad
Tuesday: Steak
Wednesday: Beef Stew
Thursday: Chili
Friday: Left Overs

Tonight’s plan for Waldorf Chicken Salad kind of happened–I still ate it.  But, before that, I was hanging out with my brother who wanted fast food for his dinner… so he proceeded to chant “cheese burger cheese burger cheese burger!” in my ear.  We stopped at Best Buy for him and I ate some raspberries so that I could “just say no!” to the fast food.  When he came out from the store, he had 1/2 a KitKat for me to thank me for driving him to the store.  Then we made it to the BK drive through and he’s nudging me and saying “c’mon! You know you want one…” so somehow instead of saying “1 shortstack” I said “2 shortstacks” and kept one for myself.. And scarfed it down.  When I got home, Rah-rah warmed up some left over super-cheese pizza, and I really “needed” some of that too.  So I had some.  And then I finished my waldorf chicken salad.

After that escapade, I was being goofy and ranting at Rah-rah and confessing everything that I had eaten.  I told him I’m going to get seasame seeds.  “Where?” he says. “On my buns!!” I squealed and pointed at my jiggly butt.

I am an admitted, confessed, trying to be reformed emotional eater.  Tonight’s food extravaganza was definitely a way for me to try to find comfort.  My sister collapsed at work today and ended up with a trip in an ambulance to the ER.  She’s okay, but I’m the type that I don’t panic in the face of an emergency, I process it afterwards… and now I guess I processed with fast food, pizza and still tried to “compensate” by eating my original healthy plan.

Because of the trip to the ER, my Phase 1 for the Warrior Dash has been rescheduled to tomorrow at 7am.  Wish me luck, and will power. 🙂


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