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The At-Work Workout

Have you ever worked a 12 hr shift and only had 1 hour (or less?) of time away from the desk?  That’s my day today!  Fortunately, though, I’m prepared for such situations.  I have 2 10-pound dumbbells and a giant exercise ball that I keep at my desk for just such occasions.  Nevermind that I had to brush a layer of dust off of the hand-weights… that’s besides the point.

Some days at my job, I am stuck sitting for so long that the bottoms of my thighs start to tingle and feel numb.  Standing everyhour does little to relieve it or prevent it.  On my morning break, I walk around the office.  On my lunch, I tend to sit while I read a riveting book…. I’m sure that doesn’t help things.  On my afternoon break, I’m back to walking. What I’d like to do is to use my lunches again, now that the weather is more temperate, to go for afternoon walks around the walking path outside.

Tonight, rather than going home at 5:30, I’m sticking it out for another hour and a half until 7pm.  I was getting the thigh-thing, and starting to feel hungry, and falling asleep.  On Tuesday, I yawned so hard that I injured myself and the dentist likened it to rolling my ankle and cautioned that I should resist such epic yawns in the future.  

To that end, to stave off tired-eating and exhausted/bored yawning, I decided to do some calisthenics.  Doing something more active than sitting around would probably help me to work off those 2 mini reeses and the chocolate chip ice cream bar that I snuck into my diet today, too.

So there I was in my little cubicle, doing knee lifts and leg swings, rolling the ball out to do some inclined chest presses with the weights,

doing some over-head lifts on a ball, standing and using the weights to do some standing dead lifts…

I worked out for about 25 minutes just moving the weights continuously.  Then the calls started rolling in and here I am typing up this entry instead of going home. Sometimes the only workout I get is when I’m at work.



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