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Sluggish Sunday!

Oh goodness…Did you know that UV (vodka) makes a “white cake” flavor?  True story.  Last night I was listening to music and cleaning up the kitchen in preparation of doing some dinner-prep for the rest of the week, when Mr. and Mrs. Roomie came home with UV Cake and some Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss. Huh.  Suddenly all of my good intentions went out the window and I was teaching Mrs. Roomie to pop and lock and basically jumping around while Mr. Roomie turned on that song “Shots!” by LMFAO.  I was basically the female version of Sam B. … without going on the floor.

Haha! So yeah.. I had been baking some sweet potato fries while I was doing dishes.  Rah-rah supervised while I took care of that and laughed at my antics.  To be clear–I didn’t get drunk, but I basically took the excuse to have fun 🙂 I had a good time dancing around the apartment with my roomies.  Bonus: I woke up to a clean kitchen.

Last week’s menu was OKAY.  We cooked 3 out of 4 planned dinners.  I took lunch to work 2 out of 5 planned times.  I ran out of bread and kept forgetting to pick some up, and so I was kind of left in the lurch.

This week, we’re planning to have Salmon Kabobs on Monday, Traditional Roast on Tuesday, Cassie’s Buffalo Chicken Bites on Wednesday (try again…), Baked “Fried” Chicken on Thursday and Salad with a side of Lasagna on Friday (assuming I can figure out how to quarter my mom’s recipe).

I haven’t gone shopping for the ingredients yet and it’s 9pm Sunday night.  I slept in this morning and then the rest of my day was spent out of the house so I haven’t gotten anything food-centric taken care of.  I’m going to make my goals for the week real quick and then get the food straightened out.


  1. Walk tomorrow, 30-45 minutes, before work. Pack a lunch.
  2. Strength training on Tuesday, 30-45 minutes, before work, lower body.  Pack a lunch.
  3. Walk Wednesday, 30-45 minutes, before work, preferably with Rah-rah.  Pack a lunch.
  4. Strength training on Thursday, 30-45 minutes, before work, upper body/core.  Pack a lunch.
  5. Walk on Friday, 30-45 minutes, before work.  Pack a lunch.
Now it’s off to make a grocery list 🙂 


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