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Super Sunday: Meal Planning Day

Every weekend, I try to reserve one of the days for menu planning.  Usually I would just throw things on the dry erase board and buy things I thought I would need for the week and hope for the best.  If the roomies liked what I had planned, then they’d have it started before I got home from work.  If not, then I would just start cooking when I got home from work.

Earlier in the week, I did an exercise where I discovered My Current Food Palette.  Using that, I found recipes that are healthy, fun, and would please the whole “family.”

Cassie (of Back to Her Rootsfame) actually supplied quite a few recipes for this week’s menu.  While I was drafting all this stuff, Rah-rah realized I was on “that one blog with the  microwave cake!” and he needed to try it.

We tried out this recipe for peanut butter microwave cake.  It turned out so good! I accidentally overcooked mine just a little bit and so to add some moisture and some zing I wanted to add some strawberry jam.  Little did I realize that I grabbed the jar of “strawbañero” jam.  Woo! That had a kick to it…

Once I had the meals figured out, it was time to compile the ingredients and figure out what I needed from the store.

I made sure to go through what I had currently so that I wasn’t buying things unnecessarily.  So that I would be sure to get all of the things that I needed, either in my cupboards or from the store, I actually went through and wrote every ingredient down and then went shopping in my kitchen for items that were needed.  I crossed out the items that I had and circled the ones that I needed.  Then I recopied it into a neat list that I could bring with me to the store.  Of course, I forgot the list at home… but, thankfully, Rah-rah was able to snap a pic with his smart phone and sent it over to my phone 🙂 The day was saved!

Now… I’ve got a pretty small kitchen, so I took the opportunity to change out a few canisters and to make sure that the fridge and the cupboards were well-organized.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

I admit, the spice cupboard (on the left) needs a little work…

This is what we use as the pantry ^-^; It’s an Island Cart from Ikea that’s against the wall…
The roomies were cool and brought home 5 different kinds of garlic for us to experiment with soon.

Once I was satisfied with the kitchen, I set to work making tonight’s dinner.

 The original plan was to cook stuff for the rest of the week, but I simply ran out of time.  I found a recipe here for a breading that I used on some Talapia for dinner tonight.  It turned out so good!  I used one of the broccoli rice sides and served it up with some grapes.  Rah-rah doesn’t necessarily like fish, so I made a make-shift tartar sauce just in case he didn’t like the fish – I just combined some miracle whip, some hellman’s mayo, pickle relish and lemon juice.  It was really good!

I had 3 servings of Talapia and 1 of Salmon and so I made all 4.  Each of us only ate 1, and so there are a couple fillets left over for tomorrow.  The seasoning really made a difference 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ve got a plan in place for burgers with sweet potato fries and mixed veggies.  I can’t wait 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Super Sunday: Meal Planning Day

  1. Spice help – talk to me anytime you want spice help, *grin i sell Epicure spices
    low sodium!!!!

    my beef bouillion mix 60 mg sodium in a teaspoon, versus 880mg in 1/2 a cube of “the other brand”

    Organizing kitchens seems to be the thing these days, my mom came in for a couple of days to help me with that. I am still on limited activity from surgery so lifting high/stretching is not happening. Once we went thru everything it was amazing how much extra we got rid of – garage sale at the end of the month

    AnitaWpg from Sparks

    1. I’ve heard of Epicure before! Wouldn’t it be expensive to ship from MB to MN, though? 🙂

      What’s your favorite seasoning? For me, I always go to salt and pepper.

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